Tranquil Healing Massage Therapy


Visit my Facebook Page for a list of reviews as well the reviews below from Google. I am very thankful to have so many amazing clients and love seeing these reviews knowing how much I help everyone!

June 2023 (Google Review) Jamie does an AMAZING job on so many different fronts. Even before your appointment; she's communicative, she responds quickly and in real time which makes her accessible. She works with your schedule and immediately responds due to your needs if she has cancellations. I have had very specific needs that she is able to address and cater to. Her therapeutic massages are perfectly adapted to my needs and has definitely helped me. She listens and understands specific problems and addresses them. There's no better choice. ~~Michael Henry

June 2023 (Google Review) I started seeing Jamie in Oct 2022 for chronic neck & shoulder pain. Turns out, I had 2 herniated discs and severe stenosis all in my cervical neck area. This was (and is still) causing neck & shoulder pain, numbness & tingling. It has been a long road of PT, medication, and injections and despite all of that, a weekly massage with Jamie is usually the only thing that provides me with any relief. Jamie is very sweet and great to work with. She does an amazing job whether you need deep tissue or relaxation! I always leave feeling better and can't wait for my next appointment! She really gives an amazing massage. Thank you, Jamie! ~~Aimee Kievitt

June 2023 (Google Review) Jamie is amazing. One of the best massage therapists I have ever gone to. I have extreme shoulder and back pain and even after the first visit I had exponential pain reduction. She is the best. Positive, funny, and very caring! ~~Joellen Maples

June 2023 (Google Review) For two months my back has been killing me on the mid right side. I even went to the doctor. BUT after that wonderful massage I can take a deep breath without pain again! ~~Anne Melendez

March 2023 (Google Review) Jamie is such an amazing massage therapist. Beautiful location - you feel instantly relaxed just stepping into her space. Her skill level is incredible and truly catered to your needs at the time. I float when I get off her table and my body always feels so much better. I also really appreciate that she takes the time to remember and check-in on my concerns and preferences from our last sessions; it is clear how passionate she is about her craft and caring for her clients. Highly recommend seeing Jamie if you are looking for an excellent therapist to work with. ~~Dani

November 2022 (Google Review) Jamie is absolutely amazing! I walked in with a horrible migraine and I went out with it practically gone! I go to her with any issue like a stiff neck or just horrible back pain and she relieves it each time! Her prices are so reasonable and she is so professional and communicates everything amazingly. I will definitely be going back and recommend to her to all of my family and friends! ~~Brilvin

October 2022 (Google Review) I've had many massages in my day. I have to say this was one of the best is had in a long time. For one price she provided hot stones, aromatherapy, and just the right pressure. Jamie was thoughtful in her questions on what I expected from the massage and checked in throughout our time together to make sure I was comfortable with the pressure. Her room was relaxing and had great energy. My body was still relaxed the next day. Call and make an appointment. You will be glad you did! ~~Jeannette Chambers

August 2022 (Google Review) Jamie Francis! Incredibly gifted & passionate about making people feel better.
Why did I wait so long? Make an appointment NOW! ~~Patti D

August 2022 (Google Review) I highly recommend Jamie! She has helped my back feel so much better. She also offers tween/teen massages, which have helped my son. The products she uses smell great, and the treatment room is very calming. She is great with communicating appointment availability and appointment reminders. ~~SP

August 2022 (Google Review)  Jamie is the best! She is very professional and knowledgeable. She also goes above and beyond to make sure that she helps you the best she can. I highly recommend her! ~~Kelly Shellhammer

July 2022 (Google Review) Jamie is hands down is one the best LMT’s in the area. She is great at providing your choice of service while also considering your personal needs. Her place is serene and cozy and she is very professional and caring! ~~Marcilla Ombrog

May 2022 (Google Review) I highly recommend Jamie. She has helped tremendously with my shoulder pain. She is very knowledgeable and truly interested in ensuring her customers have a great experience. ~~Andrea Ellsworth

April 2022 (Google Review) I have gone to Jamie a number of times now and she does a fantastic job each and every time- responding to what I need and going above and beyond to make the entire experience wonderful, relaxing, and healing! I would highly recommend her! ~~Tiffany Marino

April 2022 (Google Review) Jamie is an amazing and knowledgeable massage therapist. She has helped me numerous times with knots in my upper traps and back. Her massage practice is so relaxing with a beautiful atmosphere where you feel like you're on vacation somewhere. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking pain relief or relaxation! ~~JF

April 2022 (Google Review) I have gone to Jamie a handful of times now and each session gets better and better. Jamie is extremely professional, highly intuitive, and creates a very relaxing and open atmosphere. I have an old whiplash injury that has plagued me with headaches and pain and with just a few sessions my pain is nearly gone for the first time in over 3 years. I would highly recommend Jamie. ~~Lianne Hart

April 2022 (Google Review) My husband and I both had a great experience with Jamie for our massages. I am impressed with the environment. ~~Evalyn Morgan

March 2022 (Google Review) I went to see Jamie and Tranquil Healing when I was having shoulder pain. Right away she made me feel comfortable, listened to and she quickly made my pain disappear. She set up a schedule that worked for me to come in for deep tissue massage and she has managed to keep my pain from returning. I can’t recommend her enough! ~~Rachel Hardy

March 2022 (Google Review) I look forward so much to my massages. Jamie is the best! ~~Mary Jo Noce

February 2022 (Google Review) Had another massage with Jamie today! She is quite the hidden gem. She always makes me feel so comfortable and applies the perfect pressure during my massage! Best massages ever and the atmosphere is everything! I can definitely say Jamie is a number 1 massage therapist! Looking forward to trying another one of her services soon! Thank you Jamie. You are the best! ~~Barb Consaul

January 2022 (Google Review) Went for my massage today. Jamie Francis is the best. You will love it .It's so peaceful and tranquil there. It's very private. So call or text Jamie today. ~~Crystal Schultz

January 2022 (Google Review) I've been going to Jamie for massage therapy on several injuries and I've made more progress with her in 6 weeks than I have going to doctors and specialists for the past 2 years. Jamie is very professional, easy to talk to, kind, caring and exceptionally good at her craft. I would recommend Jamie to anyone looking to feel better. ~~Curtis Mortimer

December 22, 2021~~~Today I had my 90 massage/reiki with Jamie! I have to say that was the best massage I have ever had. Jamie is so professional and friendly! Definitely inquires personally of my area of needs and then provided such an excellent massage, focusing on just what I needed! I will definitely go back, no need to look any further. Thank you Jamie, you are a miracle worker❤️ ~~Barb Consaul

November 2021 (Google Review) Absolutely amazing!! Jamie gave me the best massage ever!! The hot stones were awesome and the pressure of the massage was perfect!! Thank you for making me feel relaxed and helping heal my muscle pain and tightness!! ~~Karen Pipech

October 2021 (Google Review) I have had problems with my feet and ankles for several years now and working with Jamie to try and relieve some of it has been a great decision.  Every time I leave her massage appointments I walk away feeling refreshed and over time I am seeing and feeling gradual improvement.  I highly recommend her services!!! ~~Mike B

September 1, 2021~~~Highly recommend Jamie!  She creates a warm and comfortable space for my athlete and dancer. They both are always asking when they can go back.  After a long summer of sports and a week and a half of football, Manny requested a massage.  Jamie was able to get him in and ready before the first football game.  Anyone that has an athlete and looking for someone should go to Jamie! ~~Billie Jo Sepulveda

September 1, 2021~~~My son just had a sports massage and Jamie did such a great job at explaining everything beforehand and after. My son was very relaxed, comfortable and he feels so much better. I highly recommend Jamie. ~~Nicole Fillmore

August 29, 2021~~~If you have been thinking about getting a massage I highly recommend Tranquil Healing Massage Therapy. Jamie loves being a massage therapist and it shows. I have pain in my shoulder blades, upper back and neck and the longer I ignore it the worse it gets. Jamie's deep tissue massage was exactly what I needed and had put off forever. Her prices are reasonable and availability (most days 11-8) is great. She was able to get me in very quick. As a girl who used to visit Delmonte and pay those prices I was very happy. Give her a call. 585-576-4280 You deserve it!!! ~~Sherry Hill

August 1, 2021~~~I recently had a 90 minute deep tissue massage with Jamie and it was AMAZING! Jamie is professional, has a very calm and personal demeanor, and you can tell she truly loves what she does! I was pleasantly surprised by the tranquil atmosphere and felt at ease as soon as I stepped into her office. I highly recommend booking a massage with Jamie. She is one of the very best in the area! I’ve already booked my next session with her. ~~Katrina Ann

July 10, 2021~~~Great relaxing room, massage was amazing! ~~Yahaira Montero

June 24, 2021~~~You know your massage therapist knows what they’re doing when you never feel their hands off your body! Jamie’s hands literally feel like a firm consistent flow of warm water on your skin. Loved every minute of it… Mirabeau has nothing on Jamie’s massages. I’m sure I drifted off to sleep at some point; the ambience in the room is 💯 set up for pure relaxation. It’s clean, warm, inviting, and peaceful-just like Jamie. ~~Gloriely Julia-Li

May 2021 (Google Review) I highly recommend Tranquil Healing Massage Therapy! There was no anxiety or worry while in Jamie's hands! She communicates with you and goes above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable. Jamie was excellent and very accommodating. The private setting is relaxing and allows you to detach and de-stress. I've done the 60 minute deep tissue massage twice now. There are also many other services to choose from. Thank you Jamie! ~~Catharine Liquori

May 2021 (Google Review) This was my first ever massage. Jaime was great! Super friendly and welcoming. The massage room was very calming, with tranquil sounds and scented oils if you desire. I went in there after a long week of strenuous physical activity and left feeling rejuvenated. I have recommended Jamie to my friends and family. ~~Caley Gaziano

May 2021 (Google Review) Jamie has great energy, very calm and sweet. She tailored the massage to me by asking gentle questions that went right to the point. She's friendly but totally professional. The massage was one of the best I've had, and I would definitely go see her again. ~~Jen Fitch

May 2021 (Google Review) Jamie provides a tranquil and healing environment. Her massage left me feeling very relaxed. She cares about her clients and their health. If you haven’t had a massage in awhile you should definitely try her! ~~Joanne Dall

May 2021 (Google Review) Jamie Francis is top notch! She truly cares about helping her clients ! She is knowledgeable & has passion for her expertise! Highly recommend!! ~~Katie Zink-Warren

May 2021 (Google Review) Amazing massage in a clean and beautiful therapy room. Jaime is awesome!! Great gift card idea too, for those hard to buy friends and family!!! Can't wait to go back!! Ty Jaime!! ~~Laura T

May 2021 (Google Review) I’ve been going to Jamie for over a year now. Always walk out feeling great! She does a terrific job working on my shoulders and neck! Highly recommend Jamie! ~~Jen Odorisi

May 2021 (Google Review) Just truly a breath of fresh air. Jamie is very professional and through. I have had other massages in the past but I have finally found an Amazing therapist! Thank you for always feeling 110 when I get home and knot free. ~~Angela B

May 2021 (Google Review) I have been seeing Jamie monthly for the past year. When first began , I was having numbness down the right side of my neck and down my arm to my fingers. My first two massages were a regular ones and immediately I felt relief . On my third visit Jamie started with the deep tissue massages. She slowly worked the areas in my neck, A year later I no longer experience this numbness or pain. I look forward to each months massage and relaxation. Jamie is amazing. ~~Kelly Bridson